Why Join IABNZ?

Joining and working with IABNZ is an opportunity to play an active role in the world’s fastest growing advertising medium - interactive. The IAB's role is to work for and with companies with interactive business interests to help the industry to grow and mature, and to help members increase their profits.

The rewards of becoming a member are wide-ranging and can benefit you and your company immediately and in the long term. IABNZ is part of an international group of IAB organisations around the world, providing access to global resources.

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Membership Types

There are five types of membership:

Full Members

Full members are companies that derive significant revenue from the sale of interactive media advertising space, time or capacity. This includes media owners and sales networks. Full members are eligible to stand for election to the IAB Board, can vote at the AGM, and sit on IAB sub-committees, and working groups. Some of the types of companies included under this definition are:

Associate Members

Associate Members are companies that don’t directly derive revenue from the sale of interactive media advertising space, time or capacity, but do work in the interactive industry. This might include internet service providers, web development companies, advertising agencies, research companies, ad-serving companies etc. Associate members are not eligible for election to the IAB Board or to vote at the AGM, but may sit on IAB Councils or project groups. Some examples include:

Associate members receive all the membership benefits that Full members receive however they cannot sit on the IABNZ Board but can participate in an IABNZ Council or working group

Affiliate Members

We also have an "Affiliate Membership" arrangement with a number of industry organisations (such as CAANZ, ANZA, Marketing Association) with whom we have a close working relationship. Affiliate membership does not extend to members of those organisations however. It is designed to promote co-operative sharing of information and resources with industry organisations sharing common goals with the IABNZ.

Honorary Members - free for Advertisers

This is a free membership for Advertisers who do not sell online advertising but use it as part of their marketing mix or interested in including it as part of their marketing. This is for organisations and is not an individual membership.

An IAB Honorary Membership will provide you with full access to the IAB/PwC Online Advertising Expenditure Reports, free seats at IABNZ events and access to a number of member reports.

Advertiser Criteria

Agency IABNZ Insight Report Contributor

A free membership available to Media Agencies that contribute to the IAB/PwC quarterly ad spend report. Contributors receive full copies of the report but do not receive access to other IABNZ member resources. If you wish to receive access to other member resources please refer to the Full or Associate membership.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are levied by company or organisation and cover the individuals from that organisation as personal members (as long as they continue to be employed by the member company).

The subscription period for membership is set from 1st April - 31st March. So if you join, for example, in May you will only be charged for 11 months rather than 12.

The fees for the year April 1 2017 - March 31, 2018 are below. Note: sub levels are based on total billings from interactive & mobile advertising.

Membership type

Annual fees (ex. GST) NZD

Full Members & Associate
Level 5 (Billings< $500k)$660
Level 4 (Billings between $500k-$1M)$1,210
Level 3 (Billings between $1M-$3M)$1,980
Level 2 (Billings between $3M-$5M)$2,530
Level 1 (Billings over $5M)$5,500
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