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Surge in Online Audiences

Thu, 02 Apr 2020

The IAB New Zealand Digital Effectiveness Council has released a snapshot of publisher digital trends in March 2020, which shows that online audiences have gathered significant momentum.

‘By combining the average New Zealand Unique Browser data from our local publishers, it does indicate that there has been a significant surge in online audiences at a time when New Zealanders are facing uncertainty. Media consumption has evolved as consumers seek the latest news and entertainment during an unprecedented period of lockdown’. (Michael Buhagiar, Chair - IAB New Zealand Digital Effectiveness Council)

The information provided averages for New Zealand Unique Browsers across all platforms and does not allow for duplication; the intention is to provide information on the trend of online audiences over the past month as New Zealand media consumption habits have changed as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

It's a difficult time for both families and businesses, where staying safe and healthy are the priority. If your business however, is still looking to promote their brand the Digital Effectiveness Council has provided brief guidelines for digital advertising spend in this environment:

  • - Consider changing the creative messages i.e. less competitive, more helpful.
  • - Switch weightings to a brand-led strategy.
  • - If possible, reduce rather than eliminate spend, to ride out the wave and keep your brand in front of consumers.
  • - Work with industry competitors to form an alliance and share the cost/love.
  • - Use audience reach and brand salience as the metrics for campaign success measures.
  • - Use native content propositions within publisher sites; to tell your story and create new brand loyalists.
  • - Ask publishers what changes in audience behaviour they are seeing - it might be different to a month ago, and target your advertising to these areas.


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