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Viewability in New Zealand

Tue, 20 Dec 2016

The IABNZ Standards & Guidelines Council has produced a 'Spotlight on Viewability' paper. The topic of viewability of digital ads and video has originated because of a number of factors. Here are a few of them.

  1. Ads appearing below the fold may be ‘served’ and therefore the advertiser is paying for that ad impression, however the likelihood of the person/user scrolling down the page and viewing the ad is low.
  1. The concern about non-human traffic and ad fraud – the ad impression is reported, and the advertiser paid, but did it actually get seen by a human?
  1. The rise in use of ad blocking software – in most cases, if an ad is blocked by the user, no ad impression is served and no payment for that impression is exchanged between the advertiser and the publisher. However some ad blockers could disrupt ad serving but still be initiate the count of an impression. (Some ad blockers block the ad call, some do not). For more information on Ad Blocking please refer to the IAB NZ Ad Blocking Toolkit.
  1. Other reasons why an ad is not seen include
  • A user clicks away before the ad is loaded
  • The viewer minimises the browser
  • The viewer opens another browser tab.
  • Multiple ads on the viewable area of the user’s screen at the same time – which ad do they see? Unlike the previous three points, this one can’t be addressed by technology.

The entire industry agrees that the ultimate goal is to have 100% viewability, and there is a push for the industry to move towards viewability as a trading currency. The paper discusses the current considerations surrounding this, and the recommended approach to incorporating viewability metrics right now.

This is obviously a progressive and ongoing discussion, as consumers embrace device proliferation, and the viewability measurement technology evolves. We will continue to monitor viewability as it unfolds.

The paper covers the following topics: How is viewability measured?  What is the definition of a view?  Which measurement vendors are present in the NZ market?  New Zealand Viewability snapshot examples and Recommendations for the NZ industry.

You can download the paper here...