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Tue, 31 Mar 2020

Faced with the challenge of navigating the unprecedented Covid-19 situation, SME's in New Zealand now have access to an online emergency business advisory forum.

Manaaki, an online collective, allows businesses to ask questions and receive advice from national and international experts, including Craig Hudson (Xero), Stefan Lepionka (Charlie's) and Annah Stretton (Stretton Group). Whilst the forum provides invaluable advice for small businesses, it is also an opportunity for advisors and mentors to give back.

Over 80 prominent NZ business people from a wide range of industries including Retail, Finance and Insurance, and Branding and Marketing, have stood up to offer their expertise. John Holt, Executive Chairperson of Kiwi Landing Pad and Manaaki advisor, notes “tough times call for us all to collaborate and innovate for the good of all business and all those humans that depend on them".

Advisor Peter Cullinane, Director of NZME and founder of Lewis Road Creamery, recognises the importance of small businesses, “[they are] the backbone of this country and, collectively, will lead the way through this crisis.

” Manaaki has, itself, been created by a small business: New Zealand innovation company Indigo. Indigo co-founder and Global Director of Design and Innovation, Pat MacFie, says “We need small business owners to know they’re not alone in this. Now, more than ever, is the time for us to support each other, and we’re fortunate to have connections to the best support people in the world.”

Indigo Partner and former CEO of The Icehouse, Andy Hamilton ONZM, adds “We can’t solve everyone’s challenges at a time like this, but we can give them the opportunity to ask for help, and get advice from the best minds in the business. Just having that soundboard can help them get through".

Manaaki was created by New Zealand innovation company Indigo, co-founded by Monty Betham and Pat MacFie, with partners Dillon Boucher MNZM, Ardie Savea, Andy Hamilton ONZM, and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck


(verb) (-tia) to support, take care of, give hospitality to, protect, look out for - show respect, generosity and care for others.

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