NZ on Air - "Where the Audiences Are"

Thu, 03 Sep 2020

Below is the just-released NZ on Air study "Where the Audiences Are"

The key takeouts: 

  • 2020 represents the crossover point from traditional to digital media 


  • YouTube Net Daily Reach is 51%, now the most popular site, station or channel in New Zealand, over-taking TVNZ 1.
    • - YouTube and Facebook continue to increase their daily audience while all other sites/channels/stations are stable since 2018.
    • - The TV daily reach is 61%(-22pp since ''14) vs 60% online video (+30pp since '2014).  If these trends continue, by 2021 digital media will overtake traditional media in attracting the biggest daily audiences in NZ.
    • - TV remains the most popular channel during primetime (6pm-8.30pm), however, YouTube attracts the highest audiences during 9am-6pm (personal primetime)  - TV remains the most trusted source by a significant margin.


  • The average Kiwi spends 67 minutes on online video (over 10pp growth since '18), sitting behind radio, SVOD, Total TV 
    • - There are now three "generations" of media audiences (rather than the old vs. young generation gap previously seen):
    • - Younger (under 40) - digital media dominates
    • - middle (40-59 year olds) - now at a crossover point with these consumers adopting digital media
    • - older (60+) - traditional media dominates and digital is not growing


  • Growth of SVOD has accelerated. Netflix remains the dominant provider.
  • - The average Kiwi spends 95 minutes a day on SVOD (only falling behind total TV)


  • Kiwis are making longer term choices to switch to digital media: TV ownership in NZ is in decline (78%) vs. 37% have a chromecast, 61% have Netflix 


Where Are The Audiences 2020 Report. pdf


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