Wed, 26 Aug 2020

The IAB New Zealand is pleased to announce the second Playbook in an exciting content series for members, Digital Playbooks. Over the coming months, IAB New Zealand will be releasing a series of Playbooks created by the IAB New Zealand Digital Effectiveness Council, designed to simplify and help educate members on rapidly evolving digital disciplines.

The Mobile Playbook, published today, is the second release in the series and is the result of a market requirement for guidance on best practices in incorporating Mobile advertising into marketing strategies. Mobile as a device is ever-present in our lives - it reaches consumers at multiple touchpoints throughout their daily routine. This Playbook creates a common language within Mobile advertising and identifies seven core Mobile ad types.

Developed by the IAB New Zealand Digital Effectiveness Council, the Playbooks leverage the experience and know-how of some of New Zealand’s experts in the field of interactive advertising to deliver best practice guides and further educate our members on digital disciplines.

VIEW PLAYBOOK HERE: Mobile Playbook 2020