Self-Regulatory Documents

IABNZ Online Behavioural Advertising Guidelines

Thu, 17 Sep 2015

Leading industry players and industry associations in New Zealand have developed these Guidelines to guide participants who offer Third Party Online Behavioural Advertising and promote consumer control and transparency of how data is collected.

The Guidelines are based on international best practice and 7 Principles:

  • Principle I: Education
  • Principle II: Transparency
  • Principle III: Consumer Control
  • Principle IV: Data Security
  • Principle V: Material changes to existing Behavioural Advertising Policies & Practices
  • Principle VII: Accountability
  • Principle VIII: Monitoring & Enforcement

If your company would like to participate in the programme please contact [email protected]

IABNZ along with leading industry players and industry associations have also developed - the site contains useful information for consumers who want to learn more about OBA and how they can control privacy settings.

The Standards & Guidelines Council have recently introduced a helpful one page checklist to help you get started:

>> Download IABNZ OBA Guidelines (PDF)

>> Download the OBA Checklist (PDF)