IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council - Tracking Attribution and Measurement Survey

Wed, 21 Nov 2018

Research conducted by the IABNZ’s Mobile Advertising Council was collected from a survey on mobile tracking, measurement and attribution, which was completed by 50 respondents representing 24 media agencies throughout New Zealand in June/July 2018.

The research focused on three key themes:

Tracking - the tools advertising agencies currently use to track mobile campaigns.

Measurement - the metrics advertising agencies use to report on these campaigns.

Attribution - how we can attribute success to mobile campaigns.

Key research outcomes:


  • Preference for DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), with measurement focus on clicks, impressions and last click attribution.
  • 80% confirmed they use DCM for Mobile tracking, measurement and attribution, 36% MOAT and 50% IAS.
  • 63% don't use publisher reporting - this is due to the need to have one universal tool for all publishers/platforms and data received for each campaign across device.
  • Challenges exist around aggregation and discrepancy but there is still a lack of willingness to use third party verification.


  • The standard metrics measured in order of importance are: impressions, clicks and click through rate (CTR) as the primary focus. These are followed by viewability, conversions and frequency. Surprisingly unique users, dwell time and bounce rate weren't as highly rated.
  • Viewability is rated as of high importance, however creative dwell time and engagement within the creative were less than 25%.
  • Only 24% currently measure footfall but 64% intend to do so in the next 6 months - this reflects a need to attribute mobile another way.


  • 75% are uncertain that the tools they currently use effectively attribute conversions on desktop back to mobile.
  • 61% use cookie data to track ad campaigns on mobile web but 55% are not confident that they understand the limitations of mobile browser acceptance of third party cookies.
  • 90% don't use different reporting tools for browser campaigns versus in-app.
  • 65% don't use a third party source to verify the accuracy of their tracking measurement and attrubution (if they do it tends to be MOAT/IAS/Sizmek).


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