pDOOH Buyer’s Guide

2021 Programmatic Digital Out of Home: Buyer's Guide

Fri, 11 Dec 2020

IAB New Zealand launches the 2021 Programmatic Digital Out of Home Buyer’s Guide today, in response to a market requirement for clarity and practical advice for advertisers and agencies that are looking to invest in this new and exciting way of transacting digital out of home (DOOH).

Richard Pook (GM Platforms and Partners, dentsu), Jack Plowright (Agency and Programmatic Director, LUMO) and Simon Teagle (GM, Go Media) have collaborated with IAB New Zealand members and out of home industry leaders to develop a comprehensive single source guide.

The resulting 2021 Programmatic Digital Out of Home Buyer’s Guide provides an in-depth evaluation of the current programmatic Digital Out of Home (pDOOH) landscape in New Zealand, including:

1. pDOOH trading essentials

2. Buying considerations

3. Measurement methodologies

4. The future

‘Investment in digital out of home advertising in New Zealand has increased dramatically in recent years’ - Richard Pook (GM Products and Partners at dentsu). ‘Despite this growth, only a small proportion of the inventory is being traded programmatically, with very limited knowledge and understanding of how the technology works in practice’.

Jack Plowright (Agency and Programmatic Director, LUMO) adds, ‘cutting through the market noise to build a shared understanding from the outset is crucial to scaling pDOOH in New Zealand. Whilst there are clear benefits for both buyers and sellers transacting programmatically, we must remain transparent about its limitations and nuances as a programmatically traded channel’.

‘The New Zealand media industry always has a hot trending topic it focuses its attention on each year, and for 2021 it’s going to be programmatic Digital Out of Home. Beyond the release of the Buyer’s Guide, with the IAB New Zealand we are committed to developing market knowledge, and providing case studies which prove the efficacy of trading DOOH programmatically’. - Simon Teagle (GM, GO Media).  IAB New Zealand will be seeking feedback from buyers and sellers and explore some of these themes in more detail at an agency event planned for early next year.

Download here: 2021 Programmatic Digital Out Of Home A Buyer's Guide

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