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Marsden Inch Press Release: Clinton Ulyatt Joins Marsden Inch

Mon, 02 Mar 2020


Marsden Inch today announced that seasoned recruiter Clinton Ulyatt has joined the team to
work alongside the existing crew of Jeneal Rohrback, Rob Roydhouse and Barry Williamson.
Clint has been in the creative recruitment space for most of the past 20 years and has a wealth of
experience and, like his colleagues, well established relationships throughout the industry. He has
been an instrumental figure at The Pond, Firebrand and 3rdeye Recruiting and knows the ropes
inside out.

He has previously worked with both Barry at Y&R and 3rdeye and Jeneal at Y&R and Ogilvy
respectively. “We are certainly not strangers when it comes to working together” says Clint.
“We’ve had many conversations over the past 10 years, and now the timing is right. Good things
take time, and I’m glad Rob and the team have persisted… that is what any recruiter worth their
weight would do.”

“Marsden Inch is a legacy business, founded in 1991, successfully passing hands on a number of
occasions. That’s rare in any business, extremely rare in recruitment – let alone the Creative

Clint spent last year working at the coal face with Fuman Design, “I’ve come away with a renewed
respect for small businesses” says Clint. “Recruitment is a big cost for business and it’s beholden
on us as recruiters to get the process right or make things right, to keep costs manageable, spread
cost and offer our clients great rates for repeatedly entrusting their business with us.”
“It’s easy to talk about relationship as key, it’s much harder to endure the ups and downs. “
“I feel I’ve earnt my stripes coming into Marsden Inch. Candidates and Clients know I’ll work hard
to get results, and be honest with them if I can’t. We are all too busy to be bullshitted.
“I’m proud that I’ve keep kept doors open behind me as new doors have opened in front of me.
We have to manage expectations in the same way the businesses we are engaged by do”
“Rob, Jeneal and Baz are all respected practitioners who have committed deeply to our industry.
I’m delighted to be in their company and bring my own style to the Marsden Inch gamut.”


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