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IABNZ welcomes latest member - JUCY Rentals

Tue, 05 Apr 2016

JUCY stands for fun, adventure and the spirit of travelling. JUCY prides itself on offering unique and exciting travel solutions in every market entered and can currently be found in NZ, Australia and USA.

In all three countries you’ll find well-equipped, great-to-drive, fun JUCY campas perfect for the budget-conscious, adventurous traveller. In New Zealand there’s a whole lot more to love about JUCY including a fleet of over 1,700 well-priced rental cars, JUCY Cruise taking in the sites of Milford Sound and JUCY Hotel for an awesome Auckland stay.

JUCY is family owned and operated by brothers Tim and Dan Alpe, who take a hands on approach every day as Chief JUCIFIER and Chief Operating Officer. JUCY began in 2001 and is going strong over a decade later, growing its fleet from 35 vehicles to more than 3,000 and creating a household name with the green and purple JUCY brand.

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