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IABNZ update on Ad Blocking

Wed, 09 Dec 2015

The instances of ad blocking in New Zealand are relatively small, however, the IABNZ will continue to closely monitor developments in this area.  As always,  to ensure a positive user advertising experience, the IABNZ urges publishers and advertisers to refer to the IABNZ’s Standards and Guidelines and Advertising Best Practice reports.

While the risk is small, the IABNZ is aware of the possible threat to advertising revenue should ad blocking gain momentum and the IABNZ is working on developing a public education campaign to raise users’ awareness of the value exchange necessary to ensure continued access to free content online.

Ad blocking companies are typically commercial driven entities which are exploiting the current value exchange for content.  Offering advertising white-listing opportunities to publishers at a price renders any supposed philanthropic motives as meaningless and poses an ethical dilemma. Services sold aren’t necessarily what users will get.