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IABNZ/Pureprofile Ad Blocking in New Zealand Survey

Fri, 15 Jun 2018

Last year IABNZ partnered with Pureprofile to undertake a survey of Ad Blocking in New Zealand.

The Online survey was conducted in April 2017 using the Pureprofile panel and had a representative sample of n=950 New Zealanders aged 16+. Another survey wave was conducted in April 18 and the results mapped.

A study also conducted in Australia in partnership with IAB Australia and Pureprofile, across three waves in 2017-18.

Key take-outs from the studies are:

1. Awareness and use of Ad Blockers is growing over time – what is the industry doing to control and manage this?

2. Ads that are disruptive, obtrusive or too frequent (and ‘creepy’) are the biggest pain points for people who have decided to install an Ad Blocker

3. Pop-ups and screen takeovers are the ad formats that are more likely to prompt users to install an Ad Blocker

4. Asking users to turn off their Ad Blocker, or limiting content will have an impact only on those who are willing to turn off their Ad Blocker

Our thanks to Emily Bing and the team at Pureprofile for their invaluable assistance in putting this work together.

Download the results of the survey here…

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