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IABNZ Council Member of the Month - Guy Shepheard

Wed, 03 May 2017

Each month the IAB profiles a Council Member working hard to proactively define the future of digital advertising. This month we profile Guy Shepheard, National Sales Director at Mi9 and a member of the Measurement Council.

Name: Guy Shepheard

IAB Council: Measurement Council

Involved in the IAB Council since: March 2014

Day job + company: National Sales Director at Mi9

I joined the Council because: I wanted to have an impact on the NZ digital media landscape by engaging in discussion and debate with other members of the industry.  I also wanted to continue to develop relationships outside of my day to day contacts and learn from different parts of the industry.

Upcoming projects the Council is currently working on:

In depth understanding on Viewability Paper

 How many years have you worked in digital? 5 Years

 What excites me about digital?  The constant pace of change within the industry. I am lucky enough to work in a digital only business where we have the ability to be nimble and adapt to the market, this means that we are constantly looking out for where the industry will be in six, twelve and eighteen months.  The endless possibilities with data in particular excite me, not only for targeting users but for understanding their behaviours and helping our agencies and clients to better build their marketing strategies.

What's on your recommend reading list? (Blogs/books)

Exponential Organisations by Salim Ismail

Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization by John Wooden

Any videos or articles by Simon Sinek

What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self, embarking on a career in digital? 

A thirst for knowledge is key.  This is such a fast paced and complex industry that if you don’t have an inquisitive mind it can pass you by.  Also, if you can, find yourself a mentor, someone not in your organisation if possible that you can use to bounce ideas and thoughts off, someone who isn’t also a stakeholder in your current role.

If I wasn’t working in digital, I would be:

A professional NBA player.  Sadly both my skill and athleticism quickly rendered this dream impossible at a young age.