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IABNZ announces Mobile Showcase

Mon, 10 Aug 2015

According to the IAB/PwC Q4 2014 Ad-spend report Mobile is the fastest growing channel – up 119% year-on-year however with only a 2.4% market share of the total digital ad-spend the share is woefully low, especially when compared to other markets such as Australia with 17% (of total share).

The remit of the IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council is - How can we grow the NZ Mobile Advertising market? ‘Audiences are mobile but advertisers are in a game of catch up’ says Acting Chair Sarah Kavanagh.

There is a huge amount of interest in what mobile can do but many advertisers are yet to embrace it fully- surprising when you consider more people now access the internet via mobile devices rather than desktop. Kavanagh says ‘Mobile is not a one size fits all proposition - it’s about looking at what the client wants to achieve when talking to their customer and utilising the best mobile solution – which is not always the most complex one.’ ‘The reach is there’ Sarah continues ‘2.2 million New Zealanders have a smart phone and look at it numerous times during the day’ and 1 million of us have a tablet[1]. And it’s a fact, New Zealander’s are using their mobile devices to make a purchase decision[2].

New creative formats are within easy reach as well. Highly engaging rich media formats such as in-banner video, voice activated ads and gamified ads all offer advertisers the ability to deliver highly immersive and impactful campaigns- all via a device that everyone owns and that is deeply personal to them. The creative doesn’t have to be expensive to deliver an engaging customer experience so cost should no longer be an excuse it’s a case of – advertisers can no longer afford to ignore mobile.

In seeking to break down one of the main barriers to entry the IABNZ Mobile Councilhave put together a ‘Mobile Showcase’ to provide best in market creative examples. The Showcase offers a selection of Rich Media and Mobile Site examples.

‘This is the first phase of the project’ said Sarah ‘In time we will develop the showcase to highlight different verticals along with a selection of different format / ad units in each one. Hopefully the industry will use this resource to help brands transition to Mobile’.


Mobile Showcase – In Summary

•       Industry resource to help brands transition to mobile

•       Showcasing mobile’s creative capability

•       Breaking down one of the main barriers to entry

•       Showcasing highly immersive, engaging formats



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[2]Source: Nielsen CMI YE Q2 2013 -YE Q2 2014 Base: All People 10+