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IAB NZ Standards & Guidelines Council embarks on producing guidelines for native advertising

Mon, 08 Jun 2015

In the new world of content, where brands and advertisers are seeking to use content to build trust and engagement with would-be customers, Native advertising is proving to be a category that is here to stay. For publishers, social media platforms and bloggers, who have the audiences, Native advertising is now an important revenue stream.

The Standards & Guidelines Council aims to build a resource on the topic of Native advertising, to help educate, showcase what is currently being offered in NZ, and also believes it is important for New Zealand publishers, brands and advertisers to consider best practices around the labelling and disclosure of Native advertising.

The Council will seek to

  • Define native advertising
  • Consult industry stakeholders on the topic
  • Showcase NZ examples of the different types of Native advertising
  • Offer a resource of information and trends occurring overseas
  • Offer recommendations for the wording of disclosure in a best practice document

“Native advertising as a concept and for brands and advertisers to connect with target audiences in an unobtrusive way to drive engagement and results is very compelling, and is seeing huge growth globally. It is in our industry’s interests to have a clear path at the onset” says Adrian Pickstock, CEO of IAB NZ

Hilary Souter, CEO of the Advertising Standards Authority has endorsed the project as being very timely. “It is in the best interests of publishers, marketers and audiences alike to understand what constitutes Native advertising, and for clear labelling, to ensure transparency”

The project is set to take around 4 months to complete and updates will be provided along the way

Anyone interested in speaking to the Council about this initiative with questions or contributions, is welcome to contact Judit Maireder or Toni Knowles, who are heading the project.

Judit Maireder

[email protected]

Ph. 022 137 94 43

Toni Knowles

[email protected]

Ph. 021 642 773