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Chat with Nick Boulstridge, Head of Digital, VivaKi New Zealand on the topic of Native Advertising

Wed, 02 Sep 2015

Over the next couple of months, the IAB NZ’s Standards & Guidelines Council is out in the marketplace conducting a series of short interviews with key industry folk. The concept is to ask the same four questions to a range of industry professionals working across agency, publisher, creative, and client facing roles. We’re hoping to further the discussion and education around this topic. It may identify a gap in thinking, perception and perhaps even process - and potentially help identify areas where the industry needs to work better together to help this category evolve here in NZ.

We caught up with Nick Boulstridge, Head of Digital at Vivaki NZ. Here is what Nick had to say.

1. Is native different to what you have done in the past?

It’s definitely different.  The common perception is that it’s an ‘advertorial’ – a concept that has been around for years. However, describing what we now know as Native Advertising in that manner, is like comparing an AA printed map to google maps! It’s so fundamentally different. It enables bespoke communication, at the right time, right place, to the right audience. For a brand, it provides an opportunity to align efficacy, efficiency, and loyalty with consumer targeted messaging.

2. How is it changing process?

An education piece largely. For publishers and their wider editorial teams, they’re having to understand that content is paid for. It’s imperative to have a good working relationship with publisher editorial teams to maintain that journalistic feel, yet maintain that differentiation between what is paid for versus independent. For clients, they need to trust the tonality of the environment their messaging is appearing in. “When you arrive in Rome, you speak Italian”. For creative agencies, it’s how they look to tailor content so it involves that conversational piece – they need to be across, what is the storytelling piece. Native helps the storytelling.

Native can now be used tactically – historically advertorials did not allow this. Native provides an opportunity for a brand to have a voice or an opinion on a topic they wouldn’t otherwise get a look in on.

3. How is this changing the overall landscape?

It’s still a bit new in the New Zealand market. Publishers are understating that they can have Native Advertising content sitting in places where they traditionally didn’t have any advertising. From a client’s perspective, there is the opportunity to tag that content, understand where it’s shared outside of that and follow up with a remarketing piece.

4. What is the feedback from Clients?

They like Native. As mentioned earlier, still an education piece on all sides – client, creative, publishers.  They are still looking to understand what the real worth of Native Advertising is. Native is blurring the lines in media, however it essentially sits firmly within the branded content piece.