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Chat with Louis Niven, General Manager -Sales, Yahoo! New Zealand on the topic of Native Advertising

Wed, 02 Sep 2015

Over the next couple of months, the IAB NZ’s Standards & Guidelines Council is out in the marketplace conducting a series of short interviews with key industry folk. The concept is to ask the same four questions to a range of industry professionals working across agency, publisher, creative, and client facing roles. We’re hoping to further the discussion and education around this topic. It may identify a gap in thinking, perception and perhaps even process - and potentially help identify areas where the industry needs to work better together to help this category evolve here in NZ. We caught up with Louis Niven, General Manager – Sales, Yahoo! New Zealand. Here is what Louis had to say.

1. Is native different to what you have done in the past?

Native Advertising is a broad suite of advertising solutions. The IAB has categorized these solutions into six distinct executions, ranging from Paid Search, Social Ads, In-Feed Ads and bespoke content creation.

Yahoo Search Marketing was Yahoo’s first foray into Native Advertising, although the phrase did not exist at the time.

Yahoo New Zealand has offered a content creation and distribution solution via Yahoo’s in-house Studio, creating brand-funded articles that align with a campaign’s key messaging and housing the content within one of Yahoo’s verticals.

In 2014, Yahoo launched Gemini, a bid-based native advertising marketplace with native ads integrated in Yahoo’s news-feeds, apps and other proprietary and partner environment with responsive design technology to make each ad blend seamlessly into the form and function of the content and experience around it.

Most recently, Yahoo New Zealand launched Tumblr Ads to market, socially-enabled and native Sponsored Posts within the Tumblr platform, allowing brands to amplify content within the world’s fastest growing social platform.

2. How is it changing process?

Native advertising has brought about an important evolution within the advertising industry – a shift from shouting at audiences to gain attention, to providing valuable commercial content and focusing on user experience. Yahoo is more involved than ever in creative from ideation, to content creation and amplification – if an experience is to be truly native, content and its amplification has to adopt the look, feel, experience and tone of our media properties.

3. How is this changing the overall landscape?

Native Advertising is clawing back value lost from the commoditisation of display. Whilst at the same time, is also dissecting the standardisation of creative formats introduced to market with IAB standard display. This is a positive thing, for both Marketers and Publishers as the end result is a better user experience and better ROI.

4. What is the feedback from clients?

Feedback has from clients has suggested that with all the trade hype around Native Advertising, there is confusion in the market about Native Advertising. What Native Advertising is, is not one - it’s six things according to the IAB. Generally Yahoo’s clients running Native Ads are seeing 300-400% uplifts in response rates compared to traditional display, so clients are also telling us it works.