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Chat with JP Randall, Digital Director Y&R Media, on the topic of Native Advertising in NZ

Mon, 10 Aug 2015

Over the next couple of months, the IAB NZ’s Standards & Guidelines Council is out in the marketplace conducting a series of short interviews with key industry folk.

The concept is to ask the same four questions to a range of industry professionals working across agency, publisher, creative, and client facing roles.

We’re hoping to further the discussion and education around this topic.

It may identify a gap in thinking, perception and perhaps even process - and potentially help identify areas where the industry needs to work better together to help this category evolve here in NZ.

We caught up with JP Randall, Digital Director Y&R Media. Here is what JP had to say.

1. Is native different to what you have done in the past?

Native has definitely been a buzz term for a while and the true definition of native is somewhat blurred.

2. How is it changing process?

Longer lead times normally.

3. How is this changing the overall landscape?

It’s just another option on top of many other options and like any media it should be chosen when the campaign calls for it.

4. What is the feedback from clients?

Positive as long as estimated results can be forecasted and reported against with results achieving or exceeding the forecast.