IAB Press Release


Wed, 18 Dec 2019

As we rapidly head into Christmas and look ahead into 2020, we would like to extend a warm thank you to each of our members for their support this year.

Whilst we have faced some challenges this year, we are encouraged by the pace of progress and where we are positioned heading into 2020, so we wanted to share with each of you the milestones of 2019.

IABNZ Digital Advertising Revenue Report

The IABNZ Digital Advertising Revenue Report is currently one of our key member outputs; this year we have made changes to the format and content:

The look and feel of the report has been redesigned and is now presented in an updated format.

Trend data has been incorporated so the quarter can be reviewed in context.

Social media reporting methodology has been revised (based on worldwide Facebook ARPU and Nielsen Monthly Active Users - MAU’s, which exclude exclusive in-app usage). This has been retrospectively applied, as at Q1 2018, throughout the report (Nielsen MAU’s are not available prior to Q1 2018), to provide accurate quarter on quarter comparisons.

Total digital advertising revenue to highlight the variance between the Quarters (as at Q1 2018) with updated Social media data.

Removed and revised sections from the old report and combined and updated them in sections 8.0 Report Background and 9.0 Appendix, which more clearly detail the background to the report.

Advertising Standards Authority

The IAB New Zealand thoroughly supports the important role of advertising self-regulation that the ASA fulfils in New Zealand, and endorses the ASA’s views that ‘self-regulation encourages the industry to take responsibility to ensure legal, decent and honest advertising communications to consumers’(Source: ASA New Zealand).

Recently, the IABNZ has worked closely with the ASA to facilitate change in the manner in which the Media levy has been apportioned and allocated through IAB New Zealand members. Over the course of 2019, there has been a transition process from a model whereby the IABNZ almost entirely funded the Media levy from member subscriptions, to one in which the ASA sources the Media levy directly from publishers. The IABNZ remains a member of the ASA, contributing through its annual subscription, continuing to engage in relevant matters of advertising self-regulation.

The role taken by the IABNZ in facilitating the change in the ASA Media levy collection model, along with other initiatives, has impacted positively on cash flow and enabled us to head into 2020 focusing on our calendar of events, which will be announced quarterly in 2020.

2019 IAB New Zealand Digital Advertising Awards

This year was the third year of the IAB New Zealand Digital Advertising Awards; held at the Auckland War Memorial Museum with a record number of 300 attendees; the number of Awards increased from 17 to 23, so too did the number of entries, which more than doubled on 2018 - consistent with the increased level of entries, our panel of judges increased substantially also.

The Awards would not have been possible without the level of increased level of sponsorship support we received this year, thanks to Google, Facebook, Marsden Inch, MediaWorks, Nielsen, Stuff, Taboola, Trade Me, The Trade Desk, Verizon Media.

IABNZ Councils

This year we have seen a continuation of active outputs from the Brand Council (Chair, Nick Boulstridge), the Mobile Advertising Council (Chair, Michael Buhagiar and Vice Chair, Sarah Walden), and the re-activation of the Agency Council (Chair, Christophe Spencer and Vice Chair, James Butcher).

A brief summary follows of the key outputs in 2019 and what we can expect from each of the Councils in the New Year.

Agency Council

Data Labelling Initiative - The IABNZ Agency council has been working on rolling out a Data Labelling initiative in Q1 2020. Just like a Nutrition Label, an industry Data Transparency Label is intended to give every marketer, agency, data provider and publisher a clear view of the syndicated audience segments they use.

Brand Council

Programmatic Modelling - ‘Programmatic In-housing’ seems to be a buzzword in the digital advertising industry this year. But what does this really mean? The IABNZ Brand Council is exploring the different options, which will be delivered in the new year.

Mobile Advertising Council

IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council Presentation - the IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council has prepared the 2019 Mobile Advertising Council presentation (click here to view). In this local snapshot of the mobile market in New Zealand, the IABNZ take an insightful walk through usage, formats, global comparisons, opportunities and case studies. This presentation will help you with New Zealand data to support including a mobile-first strategy to reach and impact your audiences.

IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council Research Survey - following the successful IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council event in November last year, the IABNZ  Mobile Advertising Council conducted a further research survey in October this year. This survey was completed by over 180 participants within the New Zealand digital advertising sector.

Research survey participants went into the draw to win a number of prizes. Congratulations to our 12 prize winners:

Satya Neela - $100 Prezzy Card

Skipper Lomiwes - $100 Prezzy Card

Michael Te Young - Burger Fuel Voucher

Akanksha Mehra - Burger Fuel Voucher

Alex Gray - Burger Fuel Voucher

Lizanne Laycock - Burger Fuel Voucher

Alison VanMinnen - Burger Fuel Voucher

James Duggan - Burger Fuel Voucher

Josh Reiri-Allen - Burger Fuel Voucher

Richard Hale - Burger Fuel Voucher

Richard McRae - Burger Fuel Voucher

Sam Masterton- Burger Fuel Voucher

(Prize winners will be contacted via email).

Panel Discussion Event, Thursday 20 February 2020

Following the successful IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council event in November last year, Mobile Advertising Council Chair, Michael Buhagiar will present the key findings from the latest comprehensive IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council Survey conducted in October 2019.

The presentation of these survey results will be followed by a panel of industry leading experts discussing the current situation and challenges facing mobile tracking, measurement and attribution at an event in February 2020 - Click here for more information on this event.

Thank you again for your support this year; we’re looking forward to an exciting and rewarding 2020.

Wishing you all an enjoyable Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Kind regards,

Gill Stewart

CEO, IAB New Zealand