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2019 IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council Update

Thu, 26 Sep 2019


Michael Buhagiar is Sales Director of mobile ad tech business Big Mobile and enthusiastic Chair for the IAB NZ Mobile Advertising Council. Passionate about digital strategy, in particular mobile ad technology, including how you can use data to build, profile and measure audiences. Michael understands that digital technology is constantly changing and that while it's important to keep pace with it, you should never forget your core marketing principles


Sarah Walden is a commercially focussed digital strategist, with keen interest and experience in ad technology, data, insights, entrepreneurship and business. Currently working as Digital Brand Specialist for BurgerFuel New Zealand, Sarah enjoys helping drive the digital marketing strategy for one of New Zealand’s most loved burger brands.


The Mobile Council is driven to create valuable resources that we can take out to the market. This could be in any number of forms, such as presentations, panel discussions, white papers, market research and innovative product updates. Ultimately the goal for our team is to help educate brands, agencies and publishers about display mobile advertising.

The team has three projects we've been working on this year with all three planning to be in market by the end of 2019. Our Research team led by John Farrell is close to sending out a follow up from our Tracking, Measurement and Attribution Survey from 2018. This will have some new questions around creative formats, objectives and take a reflective look back at reporting as well. Our goal is to have a new panel discussion before the end of the year.

Our Presentation team led by Roger Shakes has completed a display mobile presentation that we are aiming to present to both brands and agencies. This project has come from our previous research where we feel more education and understanding of display mobile advertising is required. It's not a 101 as such but definitely covers a wide range of topics and aims to demystify display mobile advertising. It will  be updated as new tech and innovations do so it will be a constant living and changing presentation that changes with the pace of the technology.

The Creative Matrix team is lead by Saj Patel and is just that, a creative matrix designed to show the range of creative formats available across all platforms. It will be updated by publishers and will allow the agencies to have a quick reference of who can deliver what formats and where. This will be released to market shortly.

We are confident the more we get the industry talking about and understanding their mobile options, the more brands and agencies will look to display mobile advertising as an integral part of their marketing mix and a way to reach and engage with consumers on a more personal level with genuinely measurable transparent reporting.

I'm really proud of the team we have, all professionals in our industry volunteering and committing their time for the better of all.

The Members of the Council:

Chair: Michael Buhagiar, Big Mobile

Vice Chair: Sarah Walden, Burgerfuel

John Farrell, Stuff

Matt Fussell, MediaWorks

Nathan Liang, Google

Nikhil Elayat, Mindshare

Phillip Pearson-Sue, PHD Media

Roger Shakes, Media Tech Partners

Saj Patel, NZME

Sarah Kavanaugh, Sense Data

Sarah Wilson, FCB