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2019 IABNZ Brand Council Update

Thu, 26 Sep 2019


Nick Boulstridge is an award-winning seasoned marketer who has been working in the integration of digital and traditional media for over 20 years and has held various leadership roles in Blue Chip Financial, Entertainment, FMCG and Media organisations. Nick’s experience includes exposure to both local and global markets across both media agency and client direct.

Before arriving in New Zealand, Nick was at Starcom London as Global Digital Director before transferring to VivaKi NZ as Head of Digital.

More recently Nick was Digital Media Director at Bank of New Zealand where he had the responsibility of overseeing all paid digital media channels, including programmatic and data management platform.

Nick is very excited to now be working for one of New Zealand’s most loved brands, Kiwibank. Nick is the Head of Performance Marketing at Kiwibank, New Zealand’s largest owned bank, where he leads a team across the digital media effectiveness for all paid digital media, data and ad tech with a focus on customer centric outcomes in line with our mission of making Kiwis better off.



The digital landscape is constantly evolving. Brands are able to take advantage of emerging technologies, from Virtual Reality to the new wave of Programmatic Buying. But just as importantly, they must also ensure their reputation, and investment, remains safe. Fraud, verification and viewability consistently appear at the top of marketers lists of challenges with digital.

Currently John is Market Development Media Manager at Air New Zealand; his role is to focus on the next-generation opportunities created by emerging technology - he has a proven track record of building high performing teams that use digital platforms to maximise business success while managing budgets in the millions of dollars.

John's specialties are Programmatic, mobile, digital strategy, training, client service, interactive media planning, paid search, paid social, sales management.


The IAB Brand Steering Council (BSC) is a gathering of some of NZ’s top brands and their digital leads to meet and discuss in an open forum ‘the things that keep us awake at night’. The purpose of which is to openly discuss if others are sharing similar experiences and whether others have already been through this so that we can collectively share the findings. The purpose being to maintain self-regulation with the NZ advertising industry and to move the industry forward.

The objectives of the BSC this year are to tackle issues around transparency whether this is in the form of the type of trading that brands are offered, buying of media, placement of media and also data. The council is keen to have an NZ market place the operates efficiently, effectively and ethically to ensure our consumers are getting the best experience possible through our communications.

The Members of the Council:

Chair: Nick Boulstridge, Kiwibank

Vice Chair: John Buckley, Air New Zealand

Angela Daley, Heart Foundation

Chelsey Gordon, Les Mills

David Brem, Foodstuffs

David Roy, Tourism NZ

Kiran Hartley, The Warehouse

Lisa Broderick, Flight Centre

Morgan Dilks, Toyota

Rob Bowring, Mitre 10

Simon Billings, Farmers

Sophie Wardrop, Resturant Brands

Toni Truslove, Fonterra