Swaytech Ltd

Company Profile:
SwayTech is a specialist communications company for technology companies. Its team of experts will enable you to more cost effectively market your technology company locally and globally. Swaytech offers a full range of services covering public relations and communications, through print and digital media design and full web development. Many SwayTech clients already employ a marketing or PR capability but use SwayTech to deliver services they don't have the time or capability to deliver themselves - to plan and on budget. SwayTech is built on the skills of a specialist group. We have not only had decades of experience in technology communications, advertising, public relations, event management, web design or publishing but - importantly - we have stood in your shoes as business owners and employers. SwayTech is supported by a dedicated network of suppliers to ensure the most cost effective delivery of your communications and marketing plan.

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Level 1, 149-155 Parnell Rd, Auckland


+64-9-984 4140