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Scroll Media is an independent digital advertising representation company offering media agencies solutions to better media buying. We represent Outbrain, the world’s largest content discovery platform in NZ with 82% reach of the NZ market across native advertising and click to play video. Outbrain reaches 2,970,000 NZ unique users and delivers on performance metrics as well. Scroll also manages the Scroll Ad Exchange which is powered by the technology of Rubicon Project, enabling programmatic buying to unique audiences across a range of brand safe NZ focused websites. Publishers in the Scroll Media ad exchange Co-op consist of and Media agencies can now run Private Market Place deals across these sites so they can overlay their own data and have control of the creative delivery. Standard display, video and mobile are all available. Scroll Media also represents the word’s biggest English speaking platform in NZ, Mailonline with 1,100,000 NZ uniques per month and an array of ad formats. Based in Auckland, Scroll Media has an experienced team of professionals with over ten years of digital advertising and publisher representation experience.

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Level 1, 111 Newton Road, Eden Terrace, 1010



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Jane Ormsby

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021 357 131

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[email protected]