Company Profile:
NZME brands connect with 3.1 million kiwis. Whether reading, listening, watching or engaging with our brands, they can get the content they want, from us - where and when they want it. You'll still recognise your favourite brands - and they're not changing. NZME is about giving Kiwis a New Zealand perspective that puts them at the heart, bringing all of our platforms together to clearly establish us as the preferred news, sport and entertainment destination for New Zealanders. Our news content reaches 2.2 million Kiwis every month and our sport and entertainment content reaches 1.1 million and 2.7 million kiwis respectively. With audiences of this scale, we can better connect advertisers with consumers across all platforms and devices as they pick and mix where and how they access content. We are excited about the journey we are taking and we look forward to bringing you along with us. NZME is New Zealand Media & Entertainment.

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46 Albert Street, Auckland 1010


0800 276 367 (NZME Digital Services)



[email protected]