Noel Leeming Group

Company Profile:
“Noel Leeming Group” is a nationwide chain currently consisting of more than 80 retail stores. Noel Leeming is Noel Leeming Group’s flagship retail brand. It offers a superior standard of service and a broad range of branded consumer technology and appliances. Bond & Bond provides its customers with appliance, computer and electronics products in a no frills environment. Bond & Bond is focused on bringing customers unbeatable deals on leading brands. The Group’s retail heritage extends over 100 years. During that period a solid foundation has been laid from which to grow business in to new and complementary areas. Store development online has been just as important with the implementation of Noel Leeming’s Internet commerce platform which is an important initiative in extending the online retail capability of “Noel Leeming Group”.

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PO Box 91146, Northcote, Auckland