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[email protected] NZ, one of New Zealand’s largest advertising agencies, has a unique multi-channel structure which allows us to incorporate our strong digital offering into all our work. With a large team skilled in digital media, creative direction and strategy, design, digital thinking and technical execution, we are well placed to provide advice and assistance to clients seeking either a digital or integrated solution.Our digital talent resides in both our Auckland and Wellington offices and our interactive teams in both places are playing a vital role with all our clients, providing them with creative solutions and support to move them into the digital marketing space. Our sophisticated and unique production capability in print, video, sound, digital imaging and animation means Ogilvy NZ’s digital team can create outstanding digital campaigns to enhance our clients’ total communications needs.

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22 Stanley Street, Parnell, AUCKLAND


09 358 7620


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Eddy Whatt - Head of [email protected] NZ

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[email protected]