Fairfax Media

Company Profile:
Fairfax is New Zealand's largest media company, operating across three divisions: newspapers, magazines and interactive/online. We own 67 newspapers from major mastheads such as the Dominion Post, Sunday Star Times and the Independent through to community papers such as the Suburban Newspapers Group. We own 17 magazines, including Cuisine Magazine and New Zealand House and Garden, and operate some of the country's largest and most recognised website properties including We are a significant New Zealand operation, and were we a wholly owned New Zealand company would rank in the top 20 New Zealand companies. Through our newspapers and magazines, we reach 84% of New Zealanders aged 15 plus, and that's excluding the additional reach from our interactive properties such as Trademe and Stuff. We are proud of our heritage which stretches back to colonial days and what can be regarded as the start of modern New Zealand business from titles such as the Nelson Mail and the Post (now part of the Dominion Post brand).

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2 Hereford St, Freeman’s Bay, Auckland


+64-9-970 4000