Electric Art

Company Profile:
Electric Art is an independent advertising agency driven by the demands of an ever-changing industry. Digital media and marketing strategies are our specialty, and we are serious about giving our clients the very best. Our own in-house AdServer enables our clients to access their media campaigns in real time; any time. Transparency for our clients meets accountability for our services. We will book your media placement, and create amazing animated banners, video banners or dynamic banners in our Auckland studio. But that’s not all . . . We have a team that thrives on innovative challenges. From bespoke e-Commerce systems for local & offshore businesses, to re-branding, building new websites and everything in-between. Electric Art takes pride in continually evolving; and we love coffee. Lets chat over one!

Contact info:


9 George Street, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024


09 379 4609


Primary Contact Email:

[email protected]