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NZ Marketing Summit 2017

Wed, 14 Jun 2017


Designed with the senior marketing executive in mind, the annual NZ Marketing Summit is the key opportunity for New Zealand’s leading marketers across all major industry sectors to examine issues, share insights and bench-mark best practice.

Digital & SocialDeveloping your digital advantage
The modern marketer’s toolkit wouldn’t be complete without a suite of mobile, digital and social marketing tools. Reaching customers in new and innovative ways, digital techniques enable marketers to share, connect and engage while creating lasting experiences for their consumers.
Brand & ContentCreating a lasting impression for modern consumers
A strong brand is still the most important element in today’s competitive marketplace. This stream focuses on how you can get your brand to stand out, defining your brand voice and how to sell that story to the world. With a mix of established and up-and-coming organisations, the brand and content stage delves into lasting strategies for New Zealand organisations.
Technology & DataDesigning value through marketing technology and data-driven insights
Never before has there been more marketing technology at our fingertips – finding what works for you and creating value is the next steps. Join us at the Technology and Data stage as we examine the impact of AR, VR, AI and Data Analysis on your marketing strategies and how you can interact with modern customers.
Events & ExperientialForming powerful interactions through face-to-face engagement
Experiential offerings and event marketing are increasing in popularity to generate interest, brand awareness and to provide new ways to engage with clients and customers. We investigate how brands are using the live channel to engage with audiences as mobile devices, fragmented media and competitive omni-channel environments make meaningful engagements with customers and prospects challenging.
As a supporting organisation IABNZ members get a discount on ticket prices - more details to follow shortly.