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In-Depth Programmatic Workshop - Wellington

Wed, 15 Aug 2018

Programmatic is constantly evolving, and for today’s marketer, it is important to keep on top of the current changes.

At our In Depth Programmatic seminar, we will aim to update delegates on the most recent developments, and delve deeper into topics like header bidding, data management, creativity, mobile, brand safety and more!

Leading this workshop is Sydney based John-Harvey Faurholt, Snr Partner Channel Manager APAC at Microsoft. John-Harvey has extensive International experience in Programmatic. Prior to joining Microsoft John-Harvey was Director of Partner Services at Open X in the UK.

We are also fortunate to have Sydney based Tom Dover, Commercial Lead Buy Side at AppNexus to lead a session on the 'Life of an Ad Unit'. Tom has extensive International experience having been with AppNexus in the UK since 2014.

This seminar is for those who have a good understanding of programmatic.

Session 1: Publisher Monetization  

This session will examine the fundamentals of how and why digital ads have come into existence, and the evolving ways that site monetisation has been realised by publishers, providing a history of how digital publishers have driven revenue.

Session 2: Improving Trust in Ad Tech: Ads.Txt and RTB 3.0

Ad tech has a trust problem – buyers can’t be fully confident the impression they’re buying is from the publisher, user, and location they’re told it is, and publishers can’t be confident advertisers won’t distribute malware.  The industry and the IAB have taken on these problems and have 2 answers: ads.txt and RTB 3.0.

Session 3: Myths & Truths Behind the Header Bidding Solution

A tool like header bidding improves monetization for media sellers and makes auctions more open for advertisers. It’s a game changer, so it’s sure to inspire questions from both sides of the table.

In this session, we will lay out three of the biggest header bidding myths and explain the facts behind each one.

Session 4: Clean Advertising: How has the perception of brand safety changed?

 Last year was a challenging one for the industry for ensuring our advertisers are placed in brand safe environments. In this session we will be addressing how do we make the ad landscape a safer, more premium space?

Session 5: A need for radical transparency: how fixed auction mechanics are costing marketers

While programmatic advertising offers a wealth of benefits – scale, efficiency and targeting to name a few – the actions of a few players have led to a transparency problem. Some SSPs have quietly introduced first-price auctions in such a way that negatively disrupts DSPs’ ability to bid intelligently. This lack of openness in the buying process is costing buyers money and creating a lack of trust– threatening the long-term sustainability of programmatic as a whole.

Session 6: Refining Programmatic Metrics – what do we need to keep and get rid of?

There are many different elements that drive success & assessing the effectiveness of ad activity has a number of considerations. In this session we examine the 10 things that marketers should focus on when looking at the accurate measurement of programmatic activity.

Our thanks to AppNexus for sponsoring this event.

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