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Teach Digital Media Classes for IAB NZ

Mon, 02 May 2016

We are on the look-out for experienced digital media and advertising subject matter experts looking to share their knowledge with other industry professionals.

As an IAB NZ contract educator you will deliver training to our growing member base for the following courses:

  • Digital Data Solutions
  • Digital Media Buying and Planning
  • Programmatic Buying and Selling

How does it work?

  • Courses are available for both IAB NZ Members and Non-Members
  • IAB NZ manages all scheduling, registration, marketing and logistics
  • Sessions take place over a full work day, generally 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • The majority of courses take place in Auckland and occasionally other cities throughout the country
  • You are responsible for teaching existing course material and engaging students. Please note: IAB NZ classes are created with scripts and presentations. While facilitators are expected to tweak content as the industry changes, we are looking for people who can speak to the content. No course or material creation is needed
  • Facilitators with flexible schedules are preferred
  • Training dates are always proposed to the facilitator before being scheduled to allow for other commitments
  • Trainers are compensated for their work

Facilitators should

  • Have at least 5+ years of experience in the subject they are teaching
  • Have a flexible work schedule that allows for full-day training during the working week
  • Enjoy the opportunity to work with our member organisations to grow the level of skill within the Interactive industry


Please send your CV and/or LinkedIn Profile to with 'Teach at IAB NZ' in the subject line

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