MSN Case Study: Fujitsu’s Online Weather Widget Pumps Customer Enquiries

Go beyond banners and create a more engaging format to promote Fujitsu’s heat pumps.

In the race for attention, brand owners require smarter ways to spread ideas. And while banner advertising still has its place,online communications platforms offer much more scope for doing things differently. Most ideas are possible and not, as they were just a few years ago, beyond the capability of publishers’ once rigid promotional formats. Exploring possibilities beyond banner advertising, Total Media and client Fujitsu figured its heat pumps were more likely to be noticed when the temperature dropped. The idea was to synchronise online promotion with colder temperatures. No problem. Working with MSN, a tailor made pop-up device embedded in the MSN Homepage four-day weather forecast window put Fujitsu’s message in front of customers whenever the weather got a bit nippy. How sensible.

>> Download full case study (pdf)


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