Case study: MSN network hooks in voters

Campaign overview

With New Zealand’s 2008 general election on the horizon, the Electoral Enrolment Centre knew online channels were critical to enticing 18-29 year-olds eligible to vote, but not enrolled.

The government organisation’s media partner MEDIAEDGE:CIA was tasked with building a broadly based six-month campaign to do the job, concentrating a significant chunk of activity online and in the three-month run-up to the November 2008 elections. In a relatively small country, like New Zealand, finding an online media partner with the critical mass to support a big ongoing campaign can be difficult. MSN, with its industry-leading news and entertainment website and million-plus users of Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger, delivered the goods.

MSN solutions MSN Homepage Medium Rectangle: a prominent floating tile on MSN’s homepage, offering hundreds-of-thousands of impressions in single day placement. Windows Live Hotmail Medium Rectangle: a similarly proportioned floating tile in the foundation online destination for more than one million Kiwis. Windows Live Messenger Conversation Text Link. Other than sheer audience volume, the central beauty of Windows Live Messenger as an advertising medium is the certain focus and attention only text conversation delivers. A simple oneline solicitation was positioned directly beneath the message sender’s text box, directing users (potentially 660,000 monthly visitors aged 15-34 years) to the campaign website. MSN run of-site and leader-board advertising: a series of ad placements on MSN’s news, weather, sports and entertainment pages.

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