21st Century Entrepreneurship - Keynote session with Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Bill Reichert

Tue, 16 May 2017


The international ecosystem supporting innovation and entrepreneurship has changed dramatically in just the last ten years. As the global hub of venture capital and entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley has also changed. In this AUT Project 17 session, Bill Reichert, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, will outline the key changes that entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers need to understand to be successful in this new world.

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And, 'From Start-Up to Scale-Up' - a Masterclass session with Bill Reichert - May 25th

It’s easy to start up a start-up. Thanks to the flourishing of incubators, accelerators, books, courses, videos and blogs, the world has been flooded with wisdom on what it takes to turn your brilliant idea into a start-up company. But it’s really hard to scale-up a company. Once you’ve validated your idea fits a market need, you need new skills, you need a bigger team, you need a different culture. You have to change your mindset. In this three hour interactive Masterclass, Bill will take you through the steps required to make the transition from being a “start-up” to being a “scale-up.”

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